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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the owners of Ace Radio stations?

ACE Radio is an Australian radio company that owns and operates several AM and FM stations in Victoria. ACE Radio is owned by Rowly & Judy Paterson and includes 17 radio stations across Victoria and Southern NSW, The Weekly Advertiser newspaper which is a free delivery Wimmera residents as well as the digital marketing agency ACE Digital.

What kind of music does Ace Radio Play?

The different music formats at cover well known artists of past and present, as well as up and coming artists and new styles of music. We provide several types of advertising (either one or combination of them) on AceRadio. We will send our Media Kit which contains details of everything that we offer and details of our audience.

How to get in touch with Ace Radio?

It is the express goal of AceRadio to demonstrate our commitment to our listeners and advertisers’ privacy. This policy provides you with an opportunity to make informed choices about the management of personal information about you. We can be reached via e-mail at: info [at]

Who are the announcers on Ace Radio easy breakfast?

ACE Radio’s Emily Canning will be the first announcer, kicking things off at 6pm tonight and leading into the first weekend of broadcasting. From next Monday, John Vertigan and Julie Strini will host The Easy Breakfast. The full new 3MP Weekday Lineup is as follows:

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