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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Radio is the Super 70's? - Super 70's. 1 - The Mix. 2 - Classic Hits. 3 - Good Time Oldies. A .RADIO 70s JUICE. 4 - Lite 80s. 5 - Awesome 80's. More items

What kind of music does Ace Radio Play?

AceRadio.Net provide a wide variety of music formats to our listeners. The different music formats at cover well known artists of past and present, as well as up and coming artists and new styles of music. is a part of Love Rocks Media LLC., which is staffed by the worlds best music and radio professionals.

Who are the listeners of Super 70's? - Super 70's, the program of for young people, is dedicated to playing 70s and oldies and is the most attractive among listeners between 55-64 year-olds. The 66th position on our top list is currently occupied by Super 70's. Here the listeners are offered a lot of variety with eighty-three streams.

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