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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acellus used for?

Description Acellus is the fastest growing learning system in America. The program is used by over one million students at schools in every U.S. state. It works by showing short video lessons followed by practice problems to assess understanding of the concept taught.

Is Acellus Academy an accredited school?

A PROGRAM OF THE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE Acellus Academy is the official accredited online school of Acellus. The Acellus Education System is widely used by thousands of schools to teach students in grades K-12. Acellus courses are filmed in high definition with some of the very best teachers in the nation.

What is the Acellus Learning Accelerator ™?

It is because the Acellus Learning Accelerator ™ is a disruptive new technology that is a game changer in online education. Contest entries are due on April 28, 2021! Is Online Schooling Right for Your Child?

What is stem-10 at Acellus Academy?

Acellus Career and Technical Education courses and the Acellus STEM-10 program provide Acellus Academy students with specialized training for careers in high-tech fields.

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