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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ACMS cares?

We handle all the logistics of managing the program, saving you time and energy. $10 million liability insurance protection guarantees peace of mind for employees, cities and schools. ACMS Cares is the 501 (c) (3) non-profit benevolent arm of All City Management Services.

When is the ACMS 2021 annual meeting?

ACMS 2021 Annual Meeting Registration closes today, May 3 for the American College of Mohs Surgery's 53rd Annual Meeting, taking place May 6-9, 2021 virtually, 2021 Annual Meeting attendees will experience the College's quality robust content digitally this year.

What happened to a dance class at ACMS?

A dance has not been held at ACMS since 2019, so . . . The sixth grade social studies students went on a virtual field trip all around the world. Teachers were dressed as archeologists ready to guide students through 10 of the world's most famous . . . MOVING or NEW TO THE DISTRICT??? Are you planning on moving into the district for 2020-21?

How do I get my homework from ACMS?

The ACMS office ONLY collects homework after a student is absent more than ONE day. Please call the school and make the request for homework before 10:00 on the second day of absence to insure the teachers have adequate time to collect assignments and deliver them to the office.

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