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Frequently Asked Questions

How to actually make money using the acorns investing app?

Acorns can actually make you money, albeit at a slow pace. To speed things up, be consistent with recurring deposits and optimize your purchases. Novice investors can take comfort that Acorns will automatically invest your money in ETFs, stocks, bonds, and real estate. If you wouldn't invest on your own, the app certainly helps.

Is Acorn app worth it?

Overall, Acorns is worth it if you plan on using the entire platform for investing, retirement, and banking all-in-one. However, it has extremely high fees for simply using the app for round-up micro-investing when account balances are under $5,000.

Do you actually make money with acorns?

The answer is yes. Acorns can make you money. In fact, it can make you money in two ways. One, given that Acorn is an investment app, it can make you money by investing the spare change it takes from you and rounds them up. This will result in you making money.

How to make money with acorns?

For instance, some finance influencers can make a decent portion of their income from affiliate links alone. They might work with investing apps like Robinhood or Acorns. Read more details about how much money finance apps and companies pay influencers ...

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