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Frequently Asked Questions

Is acorns a good deal?

Acorns is an extremely well-made app and makes investing easy to do and easy to understand. If all you have to invest is spare change, or don't have the time to bother with slogging through hundreds of financial tables and forms, Acorns is probably a good idea.

How does acorns make money?

Acorns makes money through member fees and outside investors. While Acorns' fee for members is small at $1 a month for accounts under $5,000, those dollars add up quickly with the number of users.

Is acorns a good investment?

In the end, the Acorns investments are solid portfolios. Acorns investment performance will be about as good as any mutual fund portfolio your financial advisor would come up with. They are built using low-cost ETFs which is important both for you the investors, and for the company.

Is Acorn worth it?

Overall, Acorns is worth it if you plan on using the entire platform for investing, retirement, and banking all-in-one. However, it has extremely high fees for simply using the app for round-up micro-investing when account balances are under $5,000.

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