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Frequently Asked Questions

What does wym really mean online?

WYM is a slang abbreviation meaning 'What you mean' that is used in online messaging and texting. It is a request for clarification, i.e. "what do you mean' by saying that?

What does wym mean in texting?

Just as WYD is the acronym for initiating a conversation, WYM is the acronym when there needs clarification. It is the abbreviation for the term What You Mean. This acronym comes in handy when the person on the other end is unclear. It is also convenient when you don’t want to misunderstand the situation and need some clarity on the situation.

What does wym mean?

WYM Meaning The abbreviation WYM is meant to be said as a question. It literally stands for “what you mean?”, as in “what do you mean?”.

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