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Frequently Asked Questions

How does multiple sclerosis (MS) affect action potential?

In multiple sclerosis, myelin is removed from the axon thereby slowing down the speed that the action potential can move down the axon. How Brain Cells Work. Part II The Action Potential

What is an action potential in biology?

An action potential is defined as a sudden, fast, transitory, and propagating change of the resting membrane potential. Only neurons and muscle cells are capable of generating an action potential; that property is called the excitability.

How do action potentials move in the axon?

Action potentials only move in one direction, though, from the cell body to the presynaptic terminal. The refractory period keeps the action potential from moving backward down the axon.

What happens to action potential during myelination?

When myelination is present, the action potential propagates differently. Sodium ions that enter the cell at the initial segment start to spread along the length of the axon segment, but there are no voltage-gated Na + channels until the first node of Ranvier.

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