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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do neurons generate an action potential?

Why do neurons generate an action potential, instead of simply relying on the opening of ion channels near the stimulus site to transmit information? Because without the action potential, changes in Vm at the stimulus site might not reach the axon terminal.Because without the action potential, the neuron would not depolarize.Because action ...

What part of the neuron can conduct an action potential?

Which part(s) of the neuron can conduct an action potential? dendrites and cell body cell body and axon dendrites and telodendria dendrites axon and telodendria

How do action potentials move from one neuron to another?

To achieve long distance, rapid communication, neurons have evolved special abilities for sending electrical signals (action potentials) along axons. This mechanism, called conduction, is how the cell body of a neuron communicates with its own terminals via the axon.

Does action potential only occur in neurons?

Only neurons and muscle cells are capable of generating an action potential; that property is called the excitability. This article will discuss the definition, steps and phases of the action potential. Action potentials are nerve signals.

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