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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 steps of action potential?

Four Steps of Action Potential. By: Rose Eppolito & Taylor Darwin. Step One. -Special channels called stimulus gated channels in the dendrite open when certain chemicals like neurotransmitters bind to them. Step Two: Depolarization. Once the charge reaches -59 mV due to Na+ moving into the neuron, the chanells will open.

What causes an action potential?

An action potential is caused by either threshold or suprathreshold stimuli upon a neuron. It consists of four phases: depolarization, overshoot, and repolarization. An action potential propagates along the cell membrane of an axon until it reaches the terminal button.

What is an example of an action potential?

The most famous example of action potentials are found as nerve impulses in nerve fibers to muscles. Neurons, or nerve cells, are stimulated when the polarity across their plasma membrane changes. The polarity change, called an action potential, travels along the neuron until it reaches the end of the neuron.

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