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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the phases of an action potential?

The value of threshold potential depends on the membrane permeability, intra- and extracellular concentration of ions, and the properties of the cell membrane. An action potential has several phases; hypopolarization, depolarization, overshoot, repolarization and hyperpolarization.

What are the four steps of action potential?

Usually, the stages of action potential are summarized in five steps, the first two of which are the rising and the overshoot phases. The three latter steps would be the falling, the undershoot, and the recovery phases.

What are the main steps in the generation of an action potential?

The first step in the generation of an action potential is to depolarize the cell by injecting current into the axon. This will partially depolarize the cell membrane, causing it to become less negative and this change in membrane potential triggers voltage gated Na+ to open.

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