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Frequently Asked Questions

What is activity connection?

In addition to hosting a plethora of activity guides, monthly event planning tools, and downloadable materials, Activity Connection also maintains a vibrant forum where activities professionals can share ideas and collaborate with others in their field.

How can activity connection help your senior community?

If you’re an activities professional, odds are you’ve already heard of Activity Connection. Their online database is filled with tons of great resources which enable senior communities to create more engaging activities for residents.

Why choose activityconnection print services?

…Quality, Professional Print Services It’s easy to have your calendar s, newsletters, or anything else printed and delivered to your door within just a few days. When you have an subscription, you can choose from many printable activity materials provided through your account.

Where can I find resources for activity planning?

Be sure to check out Activity Director Today next time you’re searching for new ideas or resources for activity planning. Given the huge amount of content on their website, you’ll be sure to find something that makes your job easier and your residents’ lives a little more vibrant. Visit Activity Director Today at

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