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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Activity Monitor on a Mac?

To launch Activity Monitor, there are various ways to go about this. – Alternatively, from the Applications, Then click on Utilities. Navigate to this folder and double-click the icon to launch the app as shown below. However, you can get to this (or any Mac app) much faster using Spotlight search. Press Cmd + Space to open Spotlight.

What is the Activity Monitor Window of the application?

The Activity Monitor Window of the application is the principal process monitor. It displays a list of both open apps and system processes. Some apps are easy to spot, while others are system-level processes essential for running macOS.

How do I launch activeactivity monitor?

Activity Monitor is located in the /Applications/Utilities/ folder, and there are a few ways to launch it. The simplest one is to use Spotlight for a quick search.

What are the tabs on the Activity Monitor?

System Monitor Tabs The five category tabs at the top of the Activity Monitor–“CPU,” “Memory,” “Energy,” “Disk,” and “Network”–focus the list of processes on a given resource. For example, if you want to see what processes are using up your RAM, you’d click the “Memory” tab.

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