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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specifications of the ad8000?

The AD8000 has low spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of 75 dBc at 20 MHz and input voltage noise of 1.6 nV/√Hz. The AD8000 can drive over 100 mA of load current with minimal distortion. The amplifier can operate on +5 V to ±6 V. These specifications make the AD8000 ideal for a variety of applications, including high speed instrumentation.

What is the apogee ad8000?

Apogee's AD8000 is an 8‑channel, 24‑bit A‑D converter and processor which offers very low noise figures (‑110dB THD + Noise), has a 114dB dynamic range, and a frequency response that's flat from 20Hz to 20kHz, plus or minus 0.025dB.

What is ad8000 Smart Sync?

A video sync board is yet another AD8000 option. The AD8000 features a low‑jitter master clock, and 'Smart' sync capabilities are provided to automatically sync to word clock, the optional video board, or any digital input.

What makes the ada8000 so special?

The ADA8000 is sublimely easy to operate, fits neatly into a single rack space and, thanks to the 8 IMP “Invisible” mic preamps with switchable +48 V Phantom Power and audiophile-grade 24-bit A/D - D/A converters, you get incredibly detailed, pristine performance.

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