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Frequently Asked Questions

What religion is Adam and Eve?

Adam as a Past Life of Jesus Christ. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all accept the account of Adam and Eve as part of their religion. The Bible gave the distinct title of "Son of God" to only three personalities in the entire Bible: Adam, Melchizedek, and Jesus.

What does the Bible say about Adam and Eve?

The Fall of Adam and Eve. The Bible says that the Devil entered into a serpent and tempted Eve (Genesis 3:1). He got Eve to doubt God’s Word. Satan told her that God knew that Eve would become enlightened and possess the same knowledge as God had if she ate from the fruit of the tree.

Were Adam and Eve married in the Garden of Eden?

Adam and Eve were married by the Lord while they were yet immortal beings in the Garden of Eden and before death entered the world.” (Doctrines and Salvation, 3 vols., Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1954, 1:114-15.) Yes, Adam and Eve were married in the Garden of Eden while they were in a state of immortality.

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