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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with Adam Internet service?

Webmail is more than just email. Accessible on tablets, mobile phones, laptops and desktops, Adam Internet's Webmail gives you the freedom to retrieve your emails and information from anywhere in the world.

What is the password for Adam Internet webmail?

Adam Internet Webmail Loading... Login Email: Password: Remember Me Adam Internet Webmail Login Email: Password: Remember Me close Loading...

Is the Adam Internet part of the iiNet Group?

Great value Broadband, Home phone, Mobile and NBN Plans powered by iiNet. Adam Internet is now part of the iiNet Group. Australia's second largest DSL Internet Provider.

How does high speed internet work at Adams?

Internet service from Adams connects you to a world of information. Adams high speed Internet and fiber optic broadband speeds will let you enjoy all the social networking sites; downloading pictures and videos faster than ever. And for those of you who live in the rural areas, we have wireless internet options to keep you connected.

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