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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an IMAP service for Adam Internet?

Adam Internet will now provide access to your email accounts via an IMAP service. This can be used as an alternative to the webmail interface if you prefer to have your email stored on our mail server.

How to create an Adams Cable email account?

Before beginning please refer to 3rd Party Email Settings Select Email under the Create a New Account icon. Enter your Name as you would like it to ... As an Adams Cable Internet subscriber you gain access to five free email accounts (while you are subscribed) with each having a total storage of 1GB.

Can you send email from a non Adam account?

However, if you visit a cafe with wireless Internet via a non-Adam Internet service provider, you would still have access to your email account but would be unable to send email unless you adjust a range of client settings.

Where do my emails go when I use IMAP?

With IMAP, your emails will remain on the Adam Internet mail servers as opposed to being downloaded directly to your computer, as happens when using POP3 settings.

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