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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some famous people with add?

The list of famous people with ADHD is long and can be traced back to Socrates. Even Albert Einstein had ADHD! The famous artists with ADHD are: Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Rodin.

How can I help someone with add?

One of the best treatments for ADD, in both children and adults, is exercise, preferably vigorous exercise. Exercise helps work off excess energy, it helps focus attention, it stimulates certain hormones and neurochemicals that are beneficial, and it is fun.

What are the common symptoms of add?

People who describe themselves as having ADD most likely have inattentive type ADHD. Symptoms include forgetfulness and poor focus, organization, and listening skills. Inattentive ADHD often resembles a mood disorder in adults, while it’s seen as spacey, apathetic behavior in children, particularly girls.

What causes add and ADHD?

The root cause of ADD is a mystery, though it is most probable ADHD has heterogeneous roots, which simply means several causes could be at play. There is an entire laundry list of evidence that suggests that genetics play an overriding role in the condition.

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