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Frequently Asked Questions

How to build a foundation for a room addition?

This may require a cutting or drilling a hole in the exterior wall of the existing house to determine the floor level. From there, calculate the height of the footings, foundation, plate, joists and flooring to determine the necessary depth of the excavation. Stake out the perimeter of the intended addition.

What can I put on my foundation to hide it?

If you’ve been looking for ways to hide or dress up them, we have 11 ideas for you. Plants, such as Hydrangeas, hedges, and vines can add beautiful effect to your surrounding, and they can do great job of masking a rough concrete foundation. 2. Lattice Covering the foundation with lattice will add a warm and country feel to your home.

Which is the first step in building a foundation?

This is to determine and locate the actual corners of the foundation so the entire foundation can be formed. Start digging. Your excavation contractor carries out this step in the process. Install the footings. Keep in mind that you may be pouring concrete into wood forms or directly into trenches to create the footings.

Is it better to have a foundation or crawlspace for an addition?

Once it has cured, the tubes are cut away and the concrete serves as footings for posts that hold up the addition. This allows for a wood floor and for insulation, though it's typically not as warm in the space as when there's a foundation underneath. Again, you can save as much as $5,000 compared to a crawlspace.

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