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Frequently Asked Questions

How do class action lawsuits get started?

A class action is started by the filing of a petition (in state court) or a complaint (in federal court). If there isn't a pending class action against Mediacom that you can join, you'll need to find and convince an attorney yourself to file such an action.

Can anyone file a class action lawsuit?

Not just anyone may file a class action lawsuit. Any consumer who has suffered damages financial or otherwise or who has been deceived by a company due to fraudulent tactics may file a class action lawsuit.

What is the mechanism of action of Adderall?

The mechanism of action of Adderall involves increasing the levels and duration of action of the neurotransmitters, norepinephrine and dopamine, at the synapses of neurons in the brain. Dextroamphetamine is known to inhibit dopamine transporters at neuronal synapses.

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