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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dangers of taking Adderall?

However, there are also potentially serious side effects of Adderall that require immediate medical care, such as chest pain, seizures, and hallucinations. Other Adderall dangers can include abusing the medication.

How dangerous is Adderall in the long term?

Long-term misuse of Adderall may lead to heart problems and increase your risk for stroke or heart attack. Another significant long-term effect of heavy Adderall use is dependence on the drug. If you take high doses of Adderall for a long time, your brain may become dependent on the drug and eventually produce less dopamine.

Does Adderall interact with other medications?

Because Adderall XR can interact with many different medications, you must always tell your doctor about any medications or supplements that you are taking. Drugs that may make Adderall XR less effective include ammonium chloride, chlorpromazine, haloperidol, lithium, methenamine, and reserpine.

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