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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any addiction recovery centers in Ohio?

It is important to find an addiction recovery center in Ohio that provides the services and support that are needed for you or your loved one to achieve total freedom from addiction. Ohio Addiction Recovery Center is the premier addiction recovery center in the state that will provide you the tools needed to break free from substance abuse.

Do you need clinical supervision to be an addiction counselor in Ohio?

Every licensed independent chemical dependency counselor in Ohio is required to receive clinical supervision. Because you are working with damaged individuals who suffer from an addiction and a possible related co-morbid disorder, you are charged with a huge responsibility. You also have ethical and legal responsibilities.

How to become a chemical dependency counselor in Ohio?

Before you begin your first day as an official licensed chemical dependency counselor LICDC (or any other such counselor level) in Ohio, you need to complete several requirements. If you don’t yet have a college degree in the behavioral science field, don’t worry.

What kind of Counselor do you need in Ohio?

In Ohio, substance abuse counselors are known as licensed chemical dependency counselors. Depending on your education and experience level, you may be an assistant, a licensed counselor (at two levels), a licensed independent licensed chemical dependency counselor LICDC or a clinical supervisor.

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