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Frequently Asked Questions

How far to Adelaide Australia?

Distance from Melbourne, Australia to Adelaide, Australia. The total distance from Melbourne, Australia to Adelaide, Australia is 407 miles. This is equivalent to 655 kilometers or 353 nautical miles. Your trip begins in Melbourne, Australia.

Which state is Adelaide in Australia?

Adelaide, as the capital of South Australia, is the seat of the Government of South Australia. As Adelaide is South Australia's capital and most populous city, the State Government co-operates extensively with the City of Adelaide.

What are the area codes for Australia?

Australia Country Code & Australia Area Codes. To call Australia you have to dial 011 + 61 + City Area Code + Number you wish to call.

How do I dial Australia from USA?

How to call Australia from United States: 011 - United States exit code to dial first when calling international. 61 - Australian country code must be dialed next. 011 + 61 + Local Number-Overall dialing code format.

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