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Frequently Asked Questions

How far to Adelaide Australia?

Distance from Melbourne, Australia to Adelaide, Australia. The total distance from Melbourne, Australia to Adelaide, Australia is 407 miles. This is equivalent to 655 kilometers or 353 nautical miles. Your trip begins in Melbourne, Australia.

Which state is Adelaide in Australia?

Adelaide, as the capital of South Australia, is the seat of the Government of South Australia. As Adelaide is South Australia's capital and most populous city, the State Government co-operates extensively with the City of Adelaide.

What are the most popular cities in Australia?

Most popular cities in Australia includes Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Cairns, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra. These cities are often chosen on any travel tour. Melbourne which is the capital of the state of Victoria is a multicultural city.

Where is Willunga metropolitan Adelaide, South Australia?

Willunga is a town south of Adelaide, South Australia in the City of Onkaparinga local government area 47 km from the Adelaide city centre. Sometimes considered a suburb of the Adelaide metropolitan area, it is located within the famous McLaren Vale wine growing region. At the 2016 census, Willunga had a population of 2,308.

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