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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Adelaide Drubman in Far Cry 5?

Adelaide Drubman, better known as "Addie", is a real estate agent, helicopter pilot, and Gun For Hire in Far Cry 5.

When does Adelaide Drubman come out of the shed?

When Eden's Gate forced control over the Drubman Marina, it appears that they simultaneously took Adelaide hostage and locked her in a shed as she can be heard hysterically threatening her captures from it. After the marina is liberated, she is seen coming out of the aforementioned shed.

When did Adelaide Drubman divorce Hurk SR?

Adelaide claims to have divorced Hurk Sr. when Hurk Jr. was 25. She is still bitter towards her ex-husband, and appears to have a rocky relationship with her son as well. The Deputy can grapple onto Adelaide's helicopter, Tulip, and enter it. When inside, she will fly the Deputy to any set waypoint.

Who was Addie Drubman married to in Far Cry?

Addie married a wealthy older man, Hurk Drubman Sr., when she was in her 20s. Their shared love of Reagan, Jesus Christ, and the NRA was a match made in heaven.

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