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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to go in the University of Adelaide library?

Look for the bright red wall. Items can be returned to any of the University of Adelaide libraries . Printing is available on each level and uses your student quota. All of the printers in the library can also be used for photocopying and scanning (to USB).

What are the databases of the University of Adelaide?

The University’s online community engagement platform for hosting and showcasing digitised content from its special collections. The University's digital repository of research and scholarly output, including theses. Archival coverage only, to 2001. A database covering Australian earth sciences, mining, minerals and petroleum.

Is there PubMed for the University of Adelaide?

PubMed covers biomedical literature with links to free full-text. This customised version of PubMed for the University of Adelaide allows access to the University's online full-text journal articles. This version is therefore accessible only to University of Adelaide staff and students.

How to become liaison librarian for University of Adelaide?

Your Liaison Librarians Places to Study Tech in the Library Print, Copy, Scan Training Copyright Advice Copyright Overview Obtaining Permission from Copyright Owners Teaching Purposes Non-Teaching Purposes Records Services HPE Content Manager Web Client Forms & Templates How To Guides What to do with papers in your office Records Disposal Schedules

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