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Frequently Asked Questions

How to deal with analysis paralysis and ADHD?

13 Ways to Beat Analysis Paralysis Some Like It Hot. Those with ADHD are often great at making “hot decisions” at urgent moments — a sudden household... Information Overload. Throw in problems enlisting our executive functions and a desire to get things over with, and we... Be Closed-Minded. Limit ...

How does ADHD affect your ability to do things?

ADHD and Executive Function Executive function deficits affect a person’s ability to get started, organize, and sustain effort on tasks. The individual may even experience a sense of paralysis associated with a task or project—wanting to get started, but unable to make progress forward in any manner.

Why are ADHD brains paralyzed in quarantine?

Why ADHD Brains Become Paralyzed in Quarantine At first, stay-at-home orders felt like an opportunity to tackle those back-burner projects and lingering to-do items. But as the global pandemic has worn on, we feel drained. We can’t seem to get anything done and yet we’re tired all the time.

Why does my brain wander when I have ADHD?

In neurotypical brains, the default mode network — the background, stream-of-consciousness chatter — shuts off when engaging in a task. For ADHD brains, that switch doesn’t happen so smoothly, so our minds can get stuck wandering. When we’re in a space of anxiety, we can get ruminative, especially about something that’s causing us stress.

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