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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ADR investment?

American Depositary Receipts (ADR's) An ADR is a type of security issued by an investment bank or brokerage that trades in the U.S., but represents an interest (shares) in a foreign corporation. This type of investment is traded on a regular stock exchange (NYSE-New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, AMEX-American Stock Exchange).

What is an ADR program?

ADR Program. Alternative dispute resolution or ADR generally refers to a broad range of processes designed to assist parties to resolve disputes. Under local rule DUCivR 16-2 and the ADR Plan, the District of Utah offers two less-formal dispute resolution methods: arbitration and mediation.

What is a sponsored ADR?

A sponsored ADR is an American depositary receipt (ADR) that a bank issues on behalf of a foreign company whose equity serves as the underlying asset. A sponsored ADR creates a legal relationship between the ADR and the foreign company, which absorbs the cost of issuing the security.

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