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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove advanced identity protector?

Explanation on how to remove Advanced Identity Protector. You can remove Advanced Identity Protector manually by following these steps: Click on Start and access Add/Remove programs (or Uninstall a Program). Find the program in the list of installed applications. Click on it and click Uninstall button.

How do you uninstall advanced identity protector?

Stage 1: Uninstall Advanced Identity Protector from Windows. 1. Go to Start menu and type appwiz.cpl under Run or Search box. 2. Add/Remove Program window will open. Select Advanced Identity Protector from the list. 3. Click on Uninstall button to remove the unwanted program.

What is Advanced ID protector?

Advanced Identity Protector is a comprehensive solution to your identity theft fears. It focuses on all those sensitive data that identity thieves may use to cause you personal or financial damages.

What is advanced identity?

Advanced Identity Protector is a Windows application that claims to safeguard your identity while online. It offers a number of features like scanning of web browsers, emails, and registry entries. Advanced Identity Protector can also wipes out traces of personal information used on browser’s online forms.

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