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Frequently Asked Questions

What are advanced system settings?

The advanced system settings are available by System in the Control Panel, option Advanced system settings (at the left in the task pane). Tab System Protection. When there is any trouble with the Windows operating system, it is nice to know Windows has a build-in system restore to a previously created restore point.

What does DWM DPI scaling mean?

With dpi scaling, the number of physical pixels on the screen remains the same. However, scaling is applied to the size and location of UI elements. This scaling can be performed automatically by the Desktop Window Manager (DWM) for the desktop and for applications that do not explicitly ask not to be scaled.

What is a high DPI setting?

High DPI refers to the setting when the display is set to more than 96 dpi. The exact DPI of your display depends on 3 things. I have a 2560x1440 display of 14 inches. This translates to 209 dpi (you can use Pythagoras theorem), which effectively means a maximum setting of 192 dpi.

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