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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use afaf9000 NE silicone antifoam?

AF9000 NE silicone antifoam has been found to be effective in most applications at a starting concentration of just 10 ppm silicone and can be used as a stand-alone antifoam agent or diluted in a solvent or foaming ingredient. Select the favorite list (s) you would like to add this product to.

What is the difference between AF9000 and 100% silicone?

With advanced defoamer technology, the 100% silicone compound offers improved efficiency and longevity over other silicone antifoam compounds on the market. The successor to the AF9000 antifoam, this compound has been improved to offer superior foam control over time in highly alkaline, highly acidic and neutral systems.

How can Momentive's Antifoam agents help with foam control?

Discover how Momentive's antifoam agents may offer versatile, effective and economical solutions for foam control. * SAG and Silwet are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc. AF9000 NE silicone antifoam can help provide foam control in many industrial applications, from chemical processing to food processing.

What is amp-14 silicone antifoam compound?

AMP-14 silicone antifoam compound is an easily emulsified gel that provides improved foam control in pulp mills and other applications. Learn More today. 10% actives, OMRI listed food-grade silicone antifoam emulsion with excellent defoaming properties

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