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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of jobs are available in Vietnam for expats?

There are plenty of jobs available in Vietnam for Expats : hospitality and hotel jobs in Vietnam for foreigners, non teaching jobs, investment job in Vietnam, marketing jobs, jobs in Vietnam for foreigners…

Is it easy to get a job in Vietnam as a foreigner?

It is a dream country for expatriates looking for a good job. However, this Vietnamese paradise is not within everyone’s reach. It is not so easy to get a job when you are a foreigner because of the standards and costs that come with hiring a foreigner.

What is the local employment contract in Vietnam?

The Local Employment Contract is one of the contracts you can get in a Vietnamese company as a foreigner. These contracts are only signed with foreigners who are the most qualified for the job. The industries foreigners are usually recruited for are in the IT, supermarkets, insurance, business, call centers, and health sectors.

What skills are required to work in Vietnam?

The ability to speak foreign languages ​​and an impressive international career are also often required to fill a position that would be held by a Vietnamesec citizen. Low-paying jobs that do not require special skills are routinely occupied by Vietnamese. Want to work in Vietnam ? Download our step-by-step e-book

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