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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be an agent bank?

An agent bank or agency bank is a bank that acts on behalf of another bank or group of banks. We commonly refer to a group of banks as a syndicate. The term may also refer to a bank that acts on behalf of a person, organization, or corporation.

How does an agent bank work in a loan syndicate?

The agent bank in a loan syndicate works to facilitate the terms of the loan transaction with the multiple parties involved in lending funds to the issuer. The agent bank is paid a fee for its deal management services.

Why do I need an agency Bank for my business?

These banks allow businesses to expand their geographic presence, as having a bank that knows how to operate in various countries is advantageous. These types of banks make accessing funds while abroad easier. Agency banks also allow businesses to delegate administrative tasks, where the agency bank can handle the finances of a business.

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