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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the author of agent in place?

For this reader, this was the first book read by author Mark Greaney. The writing was incredible and realistic. “Agent in Place” is the 7th book in a series about the Gray Man, Court Gentry, who was a former Christian-In-Action, who continues to provide services to the Agency, as well as his own contract assignments.

Who is agent in place by Mark Greaney?

Gentry is ex-CIA, now an assassin for hire. He meets in Paris with Dr. Tarek Halaby, head of the Free Syria Exile Union, or what’s left of it. So he is working on behalf of a connected group of Syrian expats to secure the Syrian president's mistress so they can use her to bring down the president's regime.

Who is Court Gentry in agent in place?

Fresh off his first mission back with the CIA, Court Gentry secures what seems like a cut-and-dried contract job: A group of expats in Paris hires him to kidnap the mistress of Syrian dictator Ahmed Azzam to get intel that could destabilize Azzam's regime. Court delivers Bianca Medina to the rebels, but his job doesn't end there.

Who is Bianca Medina in agent in place?

Hired by a couple who represent a group of well-connected Syrians hellbent on toppling the regime of Ahmed al-Azzam, President of the Syrian Arab Republic, Court Gentry is given the information of a private apartment in Paris where Bianca Medina, the president’s twenty-six-year-old secret mistress, is currently staying.

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