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Frequently Asked Questions

What diseases are presumptive for Agent Orange?

Presumptive diseases for Agent Orange exposure. Presumptive diseases are those with a strong service connection to dioxin. The current list includes: AL Amyloidosis. Chronic B-cell leukemia. Chloracne. Diabetes mellitus type 2. Hodgkin’s disease.

What are some things caused by Agent Orange?

Prostate cancer and cancers of the lungs, throat, and other respiratory organs can also be caused by this herbicide. Exposure to Agent Orange has also been linked to a variety of heart diseases, including a restriction of blood flow to the heart, often resulting in heart failure.

What causes Agent Orange?

Primary Cause of Agent Orange -- Teratogenic Agent. The primary cause of Agent Orange -- Teratogenic Agent is the result: from exposure of the unborn child to toxins, poisons, drugs and/or other substances.

Is Agent Orange considered combat related?

A veteran whose injury or condition is caused by Agent Orange would also be considered to be “combat-related” as an “instrumentality of war.” Furthermore exposure to radiation, mustard gas, and Gulf War disease would qualify for CRSC.

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