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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was the head office of Agrium located?

Crop Production Services, Inc., a subsidiary company, was based in Loveland, Colorado and was the location of Agrium's Retail Business Unit head office. The company was a part-owner of Canpotex, which manages all potash exporting from Saskatchewan.

Who are the competitors of the Agrium Corporation?

Agrium has 15,200 employees. Who are Agrium competitors? Competitors of Agrium include Monsanto Company, DuPont and Unicampo. Where is Agrium headquarters? Agrium headquarters is located at 13131 Lake Fraser Dr SE, Calgary.

What kind of fertilizer does Agrium produce?

In October 2013, Agrium announced the acquisition of Viterra 's Canadian retail assets, after previously acquiring Viterra's retail locations in Australia. The Wholesale segment produced nitrogen, phosphate, potash, and sulphur -based fertilizers.

How many tons of nitrogen does Agrium produce per year?

Agrium U.S. operates a network of retail farm centers and other retailers in the US and Latin America, and is the largest independent retailer of fertilizers, seeds, and chemicals in North America. Agrium U.S. produces more than 1.3 million tons nitrogen per year.

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