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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the parent company of Agrium USA?

Agrium U.S. operates south of the border for Canada-based fertilizers manufacturer and distributor Agrium. The parent company produces and distributes four major crop nutrients: nitrogen, phosphate, potash, and sulfate fertilizers for the wholesale market.

How many tons of nitrogen does Agrium produce per year?

Agrium U.S. operates a network of retail farm centers and other retailers in the US and Latin America, and is the largest independent retailer of fertilizers, seeds, and chemicals in North America. Agrium U.S. produces more than 1.3 million tons nitrogen per year.

Which is a priority ESG report for Nutrien?

We’re moving the agriculture industry and the world forward – today and for generations to come. Nutrien’s 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report highlights our priority ESG risks and opportunities. This report also includes new targets to drive performance improvement and value creation.

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