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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of a company is Agrium Corporation?

Agrium is a company providing crop production services. It produces and distributes agricultural products and services. The company operates through retail distribution business unit and wholesale nutrient business unit. It merged with Potash Corporation to form Nutrien.

Where can I buy Agrium products in Kosovo?

Agrium has a wide range of products which it distributes throughout Kosovo. Our company is committed on offering high-quality products and services to our customers inside Kosovo's territory from well known and professional European manufacturers.

Where is the headquarter of Agrium in Calgary?

Agrium headquarters is located at 13131 Lake Fraser Dr SE, Calgary. Where are Agrium offices? Agrium has offices in Calgary, Denver and Loveland. How many offices does Agrium have?

How many tons of nitrogen does Agrium produce per year?

Agrium U.S. operates a network of retail farm centers and other retailers in the US and Latin America, and is the largest independent retailer of fertilizers, seeds, and chemicals in North America. Agrium U.S. produces more than 1.3 million tons nitrogen per year.

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