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Frequently Asked Questions

How was AIDS treated in the 1980s?

Faced with the burgeoning HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, NCI’s intramural program developed the first therapies to effectively treat the disease. The NCI efforts drew upon its established expertise in virology, tumor biology and the immune system and was enabled by the inherent flexibility of the NIH intramural research program to respond quickly to new crises.

What caused AIDS epidemic?

The most common cultural factors fueling the spread of HIV/AIDS in the developing world include polygamy and wife inheritance. These cultural practices are specifically common in Africa (Susser I., Stein Z.).

What is the 1980s AIDS crisis?

Overview The disease AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) first appeared in the early 1980s, and rapidly became an epidemic among homosexual men. Activists, particularly in the gay community, responded by creating care and education centers, and by calling for increased government funding to help in the crisis.

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