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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AZT used to treat AIDS?

AZT was the first drug approved by the FDA to treat AIDS. Public Domain What Is AZT? AZT belongs to a class of drugs known as nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors ( NRTIs ).

What is the best treatment for AIDS?

AIDS Treatments 1 AIDS medications. ... 2 Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTI) These drugs interrupt the virus from duplicating, which may slow the spread of HIV in the body. ... 3 Protease inhibitors (PI) These FDA-approved drugs interrupt virus replication at a later step in the virus life cycle. ... 4 Other AIDS medications. ...

Can you live with HIV and still take AZT?

These so-called antiretroviral drugs have made it possible for people diagnosed with HIV to live long and relatively healthy lives, as long they continue to take the medications. And for most of these people, their therapy often still includes AZT.

What happened to HIV drug treatment?

The multiple doses and the drugs’ side effects drove many people to quit their HIV therapy. Then in 1997, the FDA approved a pill called Combivir that contained two anti-HIV drugs and was easier to take. Nearly 2 decades after the emergence of HIV and AIDS, a dozen antiretroviral drugs were on the market. Another leap in HIV treatment came in 2010.

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