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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does AIDS treatment cost?

The average total cost of HIV care was $19,912 per patient per year. Costs were highest for patients with advanced disease. The cost for providing care to each patient who died was $44,000. Total annual per patient cost for an individual with a CD4 cell count below 50 cells/mm 3 averaged $40,678.

What is the average cost of HIV treatment?

Life With HIV Costs $618,900. Treatment usually starts when immune cells called CD4 T cells decline to a certain level -- typically 350 cells per microliter of blood. When treatment does begin, the average monthly cost is about $2,100. The cost of drugs is nearly three-fourths of the lifetime expense.

How expensive is HIV medication?

For example, data suggests that a year of optimal HIV treatment costs $18,300 or more while 48 weeks of treatment for HIV and hepatitis C together will cost $29,000 or more. Paying for Your HIV Drugs. HIV drug costs can be covered in a variety of ways: Private health insurance.

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