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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a production list for a specific aircraft?

There is a new website around called hosting a database with production lists to Airbus and Boeing so far. Check it out! thats some good stuff.... I'm always interested in looking at new airliner production/status websites. These day I usually look at them with a small grain of salt.

Who are the major aircraft manufacturers?

Airbus, the major European aircraft manufacturers from France, Germany, the UK and some others joint together in 1970. In the beginning it was slow selling and heavily subsidized, but Airbus developed a full family, now including the biggest airliner A-380, and matches Boeing in sales

What are the names of some of the Boeing 747 planes?

- Boeing - B707, B717, B727, B737cl, B737ng, B747, B757 , B767 ,? B777/787 , C-17 Globemaster

Where do you get your aircraft data from?

We gather our data from official sources such as FAA, public aircraft registries, IATA, ICAO or directly from the airlines and manufacturers, wholesalers and our many trusted partners in aviation industry. The current status and the class of the aircraft. More to Discover!

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