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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the abbreviation for Townsville Airport?

Townsville Airport (IATA: TSV, ICAO: YBTL) is a major Australian regional airport that services the city of Townsville, Queensland. The airport is also known as Townsville International Airport, and Garbutt Airport, a reference to its location in the Townsville suburb of Garbutt.

How far is Townsville Airport from the CBD?

The airport is located 2 nautical miles (3.7 km; 2.3 mi) west of the Townsville CBD. The first airport was established in the 1920s in the Thuringowa Shire south of the Ross River, in what is now the suburb of Murray.

When did Townsville become a hub for airlines?

Following that period of rapid growth, Townsville was developed as a regional hub for both airlines during the 1970s. In April 1980, Sir Rupert Murdoch and Sir Peter Abeles, the new owners of Ansett, were petitioning the Federal Government for international flights to begin in some regional centres of Australia.

What is the name of the RAAF Base in Townsville?

RAAF Base Garbutt was renamed RAAF Base Townsville in 1951. Townsville Airport experienced a progressive increase in passenger numbers and aircraft movements after World War II, with services operated by Qantas, Trans Australia Airlines (TAA), Australian National Airways (ANA) and Ansett Australia (Ansett) to Brisbane.

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