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Frequently Asked Questions

How to manage your energy usage with Alinta?

With Alinta Energy My Account, you can manage and pay your bills online, sign up for direct debit and automatic bill payments, and review and manage your energy usage to better reduce your electricity and gas consumption. Alinta Energy My Account is available 24/7, and can help you gain control over your energy usage.

What can I get with Alinta Gas in WA?

You’ll enjoy everything from VIP experiences, a huge range of discounts on electronics, and 30% off entry into theme parks and local attractions. Oh, and you’ll save up to 45% on movie tickets. Date night, anyone?

Why is Alinta Energy important to Australian cricket?

We’ll get your energy supply connected for your move. Sustainability is about delivering lower emissions energy that’s also reliable and affordable. During our sponsorship, we will bring the energy to Australian cricket, celebrating and facilitating the positive energy that makes the game better for all.

Who are the gas retailers in Western Australia?

Gas retailers, like AGL, Alinta Energy, Kleenheat Gas and Synergy in WA, buy gas from the gas producers who operate in the mid-west and north-west of our state. The retailers then sell that gas to householders and businesses around Western Australia.

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