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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of Allied?

The definition of allied is two or more individuals, organizations, or countries who are working together toward the same purpose as a result of a mutual agreement. An example of countries that were allied are the United States and Great Britain in World War II.

What is allied and Central Powers?

The Central Powers were a group of nations fighting against the Allied Powers during World War I. The members included Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria and their territories. They were also supported by Azerbaijan and Finland, as well as Lithuania in 1918 and co-belligerent Jabal Shammar.

What is an Allied system?

Allied Systems is a full-service distribution corporation that provides an extensive line of access control, fire alarm, time & attendance, security, and numerous other systems. Our qualified staff will guide you through entire process including initial sales and installation to training and maintance.

What is another word for Allied?

Synonyms for Allied: adj. •friendly; united (adjective) confederate, akin, cognate, joined, kindred, agnate, connate, joint, in league, unified, affiliated, bound, married, associated, incident, related, linked, wed, amalgamated, connected.

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