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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does allocation mean?

allocation (Noun) The process or procedure for allocating things, especially money or other resources. The allocation of new permits is on a first-come, first-served basis. Etymology: From allocacion, from allocatio.

What is an example of allocation?

Allocation means a process in the social welfare system. An example of allocation is when a Social Services Department takes a potential client and assigns them a specific worker, changing their position to a case. Allocation is defined as the act of being portioned out for a certain reason.

What does allocation based on?

Allocation is an ongoing process based on flow or volume measurements, and gives the distribution of contributing sources, often with a final calculation per day, which in turn provides the basis for a daily production report in the case of a field that produces hydrocarbons.

What is an allocation strategy?

What is 'Strategic Asset Allocation'. Strategic asset allocation is a portfolio strategy that involves setting target allocations for various asset classes and rebalancing periodically. The portfolio is rebalanced to the original allocations when they deviate significantly from the initial settings due to differing returns from the various assets.

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