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Frequently Asked Questions

What does allocating funds mean?

Definition of Allocated funds. Allocated funds means funds allocated by the general assembly for the construction of a particular regional emergency response training center. Allocated funds means funds budgeted through the Commission and the conservation districts for cost-share payments.

How to pick the best asset allocation model?

How to Choose the Best Asset Allocation Model Income. An asset allocation model that emphasizes income will favor investments that tend to provide steady income with minimal risk of principal loss due to market fluctuations. Growth and Income. A growth and income model works much like the income model, in that it emphasizes income from all investments held in the portfolio. Growth. ... More items...

What are the advantages of asset allocation?

The Advantages of Asset Allocation. Asset Allocation simply means distributing your money across various investment avenues in order that the poor performance of any one avenue or asset does not jeopardize the entire investment plan and yearly return. Asset allocation is one of the basic premises of having an investment plan.

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