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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of an allophone?

For example, the letters b and v have distinct phonemes in English, which is to say they sound different when pronounced. However, in Spanish those same two consonants are pronounced similarly, making them allophones in that language. "Allophone." British Council, Teaching English. Burleigh, Peter.

What is the allophone of P?

The letter p is pronounced the same way in "pit" and "keep," making it an allophone. But p makes a different sound than s in "sip" and "seep." In this instance, each consonant has its own consistent allophone, but they each produce different sounds, making them unique phonemes. Confused? Don't be.

What are the areas of research for studying allophones?

Additional areas of research for more understanding of allophones might include allophonic rule, allomorphs, linguistic alternation, phonemes, complementary distribution, free variation, and positional variants.

What are free variation allophones?

Free variation allophones can be freely selected based on personal preference. A tonic allophone is sometimes called an allotone as in the neutral word “Mandarin.”

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