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Frequently Asked Questions

What are allophones of the same phoneme?

Two or more sounds are allophones of the same phoneme if: a) they have a predictable, complementary distribution; b) they do not create a semantic contrast; and c) they are phonetically similar. (E.g. [l] and [ɫ] in English: [l] never occurs before consonants or word-finally, [ɫ] never occurs before vowels)

What is complementary distribution of allophones?

 Allophones are different versions of the same phoneme, so they never appear in the same place in a word: thun, but not sthun. “sthun” and “stun” aren’t different words.  That means allophones of a single phoneme appear in. complementary distribution.

What are the different realizations of a phoneme called?

•The different realizations of a phoneme are called allophones of that phoneme. The allophone is a variant of a phoneme. Try saying these two words: car andkeys What’s different about the initial sound in each word? Phonetically: [kʰα: cʰi:z](ʰ= aspiration c=palatal stop;) [kʰ] and [cʰ] are allophones of the / k / phoneme. English

What is the difference between phonemic and allophonic differences?

Phonemic differences vs. allophonic differences ¥Differences in speech sound that can signal differences between two different words are phonemic differences ¥Other differences in speech sound that are clearly audible are only allophonic differences ÐÔpronunciation variantsÕ that cannot signal different words. Representing allophonic differences

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