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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Altair 60 EDF doublet refractor review?

The Altair 60 EDF doublet refractor review is a palm-sized telescope that you can pocket for a quick getaway. The Altair 60 EDF doublet refractor is a lightweight tube assembly that weighs 1.5kg and almost fits in the palm of your hand. It’s ideal for a multitude of purposes, including as a travel scope and for wide-field imaging.

What is the rear camera rotator on the Altair 60edf?

Rear Camera Rotator. The Altair 60EDF focuser has a rotating rear collar with locking screws allowing you to frame the object perfectly, without rotating the whole focuser, or the optical tube.

How do you Mount altaltair 50mm and 60mm finders?

Altair 50mm or 60mm finder scope or compact Red Dot Finders (RDF) can be attached to the focuser by means of two screws. You will need a mount, eyepieces and a star-diagonal to use this high quality telescope. 60mm F6 ED Doublet refractor optical tube with retractable dewshield.

Why choose Altair Astro refractors?

Altair Astro pioneered this approach and our customers always get the best quality. All Altair refractors are checked optically and tested and guaranteed to be in collimation - this assurance is provided at no additional cost to the customer. Latest Version with S-FPL-53 ED Lens, Optical Test Report, and rear Camera Angle Adjuster (CAA).

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